Ignite Me Massage Candles 11oz
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Ignite Me Massage Candles 11oz

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These candles won’t be the only thing glowing after you explore this clever dual-purpose treat! Enjoy their radiant warmth and fragrant scent, then blow out the flame and drizzle the melted soy wax on your partner for a sensual massage. Soy melts at a lower temperature so it’s warm and inviting, and you won’t get burned. Whether you want to soothe, invigorate or ignite your partner’s passion… Ignite Me is sure to hold a special place on your nightstand for many warm nights to come.

11 oz. candle.

Note: The Ignite Me Massage Candles are wonderful as their low melting point works great to melt quickly and easily. Their low melting point may also make them melt in the box when shipping to warmer climates or in warmer seasons. Please consider 3-day shipping or faster as well as having a cool place for these to safely arrive when being delivered.