Sailor Soft Pack
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Sailor Soft Pack

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The Sailor softskin packer is the perfect go-to for day-to-day wearing. Designed to fit comfortably into any packing garment, Sailor offers a realistic look and feel for packing. The soft, squishable exterior and firm inner core allow for a more realistic feel when held or squeezed. We recommend wearing Sailor in a packing garment or packing undies such as the Pete as the Sailor will last longer than when worn in a traditional packing strap. We have found that the traditional straps create extra pressure on the point where the shaft and balls meet and can reduce the lifespan of your packer no matter which material the packer is made of. We recommend replacing your Sailor a couple times of year depending on the wear and tear of your packing garment. Sailor is not designed for, and is not firm enough for penetration. This is a latex-free product.

Sailor Soft Pack

? Vanilla
? Caramel
? Coffee


Available in two sizes:
Sailor Soft Pack One - 4” long, 1 3/8” in diameter
Sailor Soft Pack Two - 5” long, 1 3/8” in diameter

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