stronic g pulsator pink
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stronic g pulsator pink

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Stronic G Pulsator
Explore the sometimes-elusive G-spot with a specially-designed waterproof pulsator that thrusts and adds pleasurable motion for you! Featuring a velvety silicone exterior with subtle contouring plus a firm, rounded end that curves to offer an ideal amount of pressure during use, it also sports a slimmer shape, making it accessible to a wider range of people for whom previous Stronics were too large or heavy than desired. Try it hands-free--it thrusts and pulses on its own (you may want to set a pillow for it to thrust back against, which allows you to focus the depth of stimulation you want), or add clitoral sensations with a vibrator, cunnilingus, or your own hand. With 7 speeds and 3 rhythm settings, you can get specific about the kind of thrusting you want! Stronic G starts on medium intensity level; just hit the – button to lower or + to increase its speed or to head to rhythm settings. Click Stronics – button to return to steady pulsation settings. Easy to turn on/off; press the FUN button for half a second to turn it on, then click FUN again to turn the toy off. Featuring a simple-to-use travel lock (to lock, press – and FUN simultaneously; to unlock, press + and FUN simultaneously. In both cases the buttons will blink and the unit will buzz briefly). Stronic G comes equipped with an LED charging level display; the initial charge takes 8 hours, yeilding 45 minutes of continuing play on the highest setting.

Please Note: Because the Stronic Drei technology uses magnets, it should not be used by or with anyone with a pacemaker.

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