Inspire Silicone Dilator Set
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Inspire Silicone Dilator Set

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The Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit is great for anyone hoping to increase the girth their body can comfortably accept. This graduated set includes five silicone dilators that progress slightly in length and width. The shape & subtle angle of each dilator allows for ease of insertion as it contours to the body. The finger loop at the base helps user guide insertion and also allows for easier retrieval. Plus you can place a mini vibrator inside the ring (helps relax your muscles during insertion)! As part of their ongoing partnership with Living Beyond Breast Cancer CalExotics donates a portion of the proceeds from each sale to help people whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer.

Not intended for anal insertion.

Inspire Silicone Dilator Set
Pink Silicone
5-piece dilator Set for gradual dilation
Dilator 1: 3” x .5” (7.5 cm x 1.25 cm)
Dilator 2: 3.5” x .75” (9 cm x 2 cm)
Dilator 3: 4.25” x .75” (10.75 cm x 2 cm)
Dilator 4: 5” x 1” (12.75 cm x 2.5 cm)
Dilator 5: 5.5” x 1.25” (14 cm x 3.25 cm)