Intimrelax Dilator Set
Adrien Lastic

Intimrelax Dilator Set

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These slender silicone dilators come in a set of three, enabling users to progressively exercise and dilate the vagina. Designed to be comfortable and ergonomic when held but also when used internally, they're useful for those dealing with atrophic vaginitis or similar diagnoses, or for post-op women of trans experience. Each slender dilator is comprised of two curvy oblong shapes tapered at the end for ease of insertion; use with water-based lubricant. The user begins with the smallest dilator and works up in size, at their own comfort level. Recommended use is once daily for 10 to 15 minutes; as Good Vibrations is not a medical provider, you may wish to consult with your physician about their specific recommendations. Keep clean with mild soap and water; these dilators can be boiled if you choose.

Small: 3.75” long x .40” (2 5/8” insertable)
Medium: 5” long x 5/8 ” (3 6/8” insertable)
Large: 6.25” long x 1 ” (5 1/4” insertable)