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Your gynecologist may have already showed you what your cervix looks like, but you can play doctor at home, too, and keep as careful an eye on your vaginal health as you'd like. Useful as an educational tool, this clear, nontoxic, high-strength plastic speculum lets you see your cervix and your vaginal walls at a 360 degree angle, with no need for rotation. Its levers allow a wide range of adjustability, opening gradually so you (with one hand and a mirror) or your lover can take a deeper look inside. Be sure to read our guide How to Use a Speculum.

Clear plastic resin
Levers measure 4" long, 1" wide (small) and 4" long, 1 1/2" wide (medium)

Which size should I buy?:
In general, women who have noticed that it is difficult to accommodate anything larger than one finger, or whose gynecologist has recommended a small-sized speculum during an exam may want to choose the smaller size. Others should choose the medium size, which will work well for most female-bodied people.