Yoni Eggs
Yoni Eggs

Yoni Eggs

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Get in touch with core energies and well-being with these beautiful handcrafted crystal vaginal eggs. Whether you’re a believer in the powers of cosmic energies or simply love beautiful design and the luxe look and feel of natural stone, we’ve Strap-Onsed the sexy wisdom of the earth and stars to help you explore eroticism. Use these insertable stone eggs for pleasure and play, for pelvic health, or to focus on the healing properties crystals are said to provide. Each of the four minerals is associated with different energies, and if these attributions feel meaningful to you, you might wish to choose your stone according to these metaphysical properties. Or simply select the egg that appeals to your sense of aesthetic beauty--the stone toys created by Chakrubs are simply gorgeous.

Correct egg use can improve the strength and flexibility of the vagina and pelvic floor and the tone of the lower abdominal muscles that rhythmically contract during orgasm, help facilitate sexual arousal, stop the flow of urine, and support internal organs including the bladder, uterus and rectum. Yoni eggs are not recommended for use by those with an IUD or during pregnancy. Clean your crystal egg with mild soap and water; do not boil. Please note: In spite of the way the name of the Rose Bud Yoni Egg will evoke anal play for some, it and other Yoni Eggs are not intended for anal insertion.

Insert Yoni Eggs wide end first; this will assist in their removal. If you find it difficult to remove your egg after use, relax--deep breathing and a calm attitude will help prevent pelvic muscles from clenching further. Remember that any PC exercises you do should include relaxation, not just tightening! Next, squat, which also helps these muscles relax. Bear down gently; adding some lubricant to the vaginal walls may help too. If this position isn't enough to get the egg to slide out on its own, you or a partner can insert a finger or two to guide it out--try hooking your fingers around the curve of the egg to help with this process.

Rose Bud
Rose Quartz is said to be imbued with the energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. Associated with the heart chakra, use it to focus on the capacity to truly give and receive loving energy in all forms--including self-love! Let it stimulate your sensual imagination and help you stay open to understanding your needs and emotions.

Protective Black Obsidian is said to guard against negativity and support your self-control. Use it to sharpen and focus internal and external vision, and connect the mind and emotions in support of clarity and healing.

Amethyst has been called the “Couple’s Stone,” as it is said to deepen relationships. Other attributes include allowing a helpful focus on the causes of negative behaviors and emotional patterns; releasing sorrow and promoting calm and peace; and supporting emotional stability. It may inspire you to spiritual growth and a search for enlightenment and enhance intuition.

Associated with the heart chakra and increased love and nurturing, Jade is believed to attract good luck and friendship, supporting harmony in yourself and your relationships. It is a protective stone; use it for calm and to channel your passion in constructive ways.

Colors and material vary according to the crystal type you choose.

Please do not boil the Yoni Eggs.

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