Zero Taboos Wipe Gel
Zero Taboos

Zero Taboos Wipe Gel

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Zero Taboo Wipegel turns your regular toilet paper into a soothing prebiotic moist wipe and helps maintain genital and perianal health! A few drops of this vegan and septic-safe gel transforms harsh toilet paper into a wipe that nurtures healthy bacteria. Each 8oz bottle of Wipegel translates, roughly, to 400 wipes, lasting approximately 2-3 months. We’ll let you do the math! A healthy body is an ecosystem (our “microbiome”)--many different species of native bacteria maintain our overall health. Overuse of products like antibacterial soaps, hand sanitizers, steroids, and antibiotics can wipe out good bacteria along with the bad. Zero Taboo minimizes preservative use, adds prebiotics (good bacteria food that opportunistic bacteria cannot digest), and avoids harsh surfactants or harmful antibacterial ingredients which allows you to clean and care for the genital and perianal areas of the body without destroying the good bacteria along with the bad. If we don’t take care of our bacteria they can’t take care of us! Zero Taboo Wipe is perfect for those who need a little extra cushion when they wipe--especially after a rough night that’s left you little bit saddle sore! No animal testing; vegan; gluten- and dairy-free, paraben-free. 8oz.

Water (65%).
Astringent: Witch Hazel preserved with benzoic acid (30%).
Thickener: Carbomer neutralized with sodium hydroxide (<1%).
Fragrance: a vegetable based natural preservative with a pleasant almond scent (1%).
Prebiotic blend: Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide & Inulin (3%).

Ingredients’ country of origin: USA, Italy, Belgium