Kiiroo Onyx Plus Masturbation Sleeve

Kiiroo Onyx Plus Masturbation Sleeve

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Teledildonics! The electric dream of internet-connected sex via high-tech toys--is finally a reality with Kiiroo's FeelMe technology! Explore penis-based pleasures with this discreet and powerful interactive masturbation toy, featuring a compact, modern design with an ultra-soft inner sleeve. Created by Kiiroo with a reusable sleeve from Fleshlight, Onyx + lets you enjoy realistic-feeling stroking with rapid thrusting that can reach up to 140 strokes per minute. Use it solo, connect to the FeelMe app and play with others remotely, or enjoy interactive content developed specifically with this sleeve in mind.

Onyx + has 3 modes for you to explore: Interactive Mode, Manual Mode and Automatic Mode. Whether you want a one-to-one connection or an interactive experience with your favorite webcam star, 3D game or immersive virtual content, this sleeve has you covered. Inside the Onyx + are ten contracting rings that work to simulate the feeling of intercourse. When connected to another FeelMe-equipped product, that toy will send signals to the Onyx + for a two-way experience that mimics your movements for an interactive, super-hot experience. Or explore the FeelMe website, which offers interactive virtual reality content, erotic films, live webcams and more, powered by the FeelMe app. The third-generation Onyx has a completely upgraded rotating motor that moves in a continuous up-down motion that simulates intercourse.

We recommend using Onyx + with water-based lubricant. Clean with mild soap and water; the internal sleeve comes out so it can be rinsed, dried, and slipped back into place.