Feel My Power Wand Jade Purple Brown Edition
Le Wand

Feel My Power Wand Jade Purple Brown Edition

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-Special Edition Le Wand Massager
-Featuring the art of Jade Purple Brown
-10 speeds & 20 vibration patterns
-Travel case included

This special edition Le Wand massager features the energetic artwork of New York-based illustrator Jade Purple Brown (@jadepurplebrown on Instagram). The combination of JadeÕs dynamic artwork and the intensity of the Le Wand massager send a clear message that there is strength and empowerment in owning your sexuality.

This special edition Le Wand wants you to feel your power: to feel pleasure, to love your body, to feel good about your sexuality and shamelessly proclaim that sex is healthy, fun and empowering. This colorful rechargeable wand-style vibrator features a purple silicone head and a body adorned in strong Ôowning itÕ imagery. Along with the massager, this set includes a travel case, nail stickers, a Feel My Power sticker, a magnet set, 5 notecards featuring the art of Jade Purple Brown, a bolo tie, keychain and a pleasure guide.

Equipped with a travel lock and a discreet storage case, this powerful massager is ready to hit the road with you. We also like that the vibration is concentrated in the head of the wand, not in the handle, so holding it won't make your hand won't go numb. Le Wand's flexible neck allows the user to apply plenty of pressure, if desired, without hurting the vibrator. Use the three button controls to filter through the 10 distinct speeds with 20 vibration patterns. To use the travel lock: simultaneously press and hold the + and Ð buttons for three seconds; a flashing light indicates the travel lock is on. To unlock, repeat by pressing and holding the + and Ð buttons for three seconds. Comes with chargers compatible for use in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia. We recommend a water-based lubricant. Play confidently knowing that Le Wand offers a 1 year warranty on this item. This item is not waterproof or splashproof. Do not use it in the shower or a bath.