A Happy Life in an Open Relationship
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A Happy Life in an Open Relationship

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A Happy Life in an Open Relationship: The Essential Guide to a Healthy and Fulfilling Nonmonogamous Love Life
by Susan Wenzel

A Happy Life in an Open Relationship is an excellent resource for anyone curious about open and non-monogamous relationships. Author and relationship therapist Susan Wenzel—who is in an open marriage herself—delivers skillful advice on how to navigate the complex emotional landscape of multi-partner relationships, from polyamory to swinging. Filled with compelling personal stories, anecdotes, and practical exercises, this book is a valuable handbook for cultivating harmonious and fulfilling open relationships.

A Happy Life in an Open Relationship will help you develop your trust and communication skills, explore sexuality and desire, build your confidence and self-worth, set healthy boundaries, overcome jealousy, and so much more. People interested in making changes in their relationships will appreciate the positive tone, helpful advice, and expert wisdom from an accomplished relationship therapist who has gone through the experience herself. Delivered with warmth and candor, this book is an alluring read and an invaluable guide to cultivating harmonious, pleasurable, and fulfilling open relationships. 2020, 180 pages.

Susan Wenzel is a certified sex and relationship therapist. She counsels patients on issues related to love and sex, and leads therapeutic workshops throughout the United States and Canada. She is based in Winnipeg, Canada.