Anal Education Set Teal

Anal Education Set Teal

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Get your booty in the mood with this seven-piece anal trainer set that comes with a set of three unique plugs that facilitate anal comfort and experimentation. Combining all the tools needed to enjoy beginner-level to more advanced anal play, and including education about anal play, the set comes with an enema bulb for anal play preparation; a lube launcher to help get your lubricant of choice deeper into the body; a travel/storage bag; a USB cord; and Complete Guide to Anal Play. Read up on safety, comfort, and pleasure, and start with the small-sized solid silicone plug; it's non-vibrating and easily accessible to beginners to anal play, with a flexible neck and a comfortable curved base that nestles in between butt cheeks. When you're ready you can switch to the next size, a premium vibrating plug that's perfect for folks who want to try vibration with their anal play. The slim mid-size plug is outfitted with a curved base and magnetic charging pins plus a powerful motor. When you're ready to size up and explore greater feelings of fullness, the larger plug is weighted (180g) and adds other sensations, including movement and pressure, to your anal play.

Small: 3.85” x 1” (98 x 26) & weighs 35.5 g (1.9” insertable)
Medium: 5.27” x 1.2” (134 x 32 x 68 mm) 88 g (2.67” insertable)
Large: 5.40” x 1.5” (137 x 40 x 71.5 mm) 180 g (2.8” insertable)