Crystal Delights Short Stem Plug
Crystal Delights

Crystal Delights Short Stem Plug

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Get your fill of sensation and beauty with these gorgeous smooth glass plugs, each enhanced with a genuine Swarovski crystal and crafted for your intimate and aesthetic enjoyment. The slim neck and flared base at the end—where the crystal sits--make this toy anal-safe; its simple and versatile shape is designed for ease of entry, while the slender stem keeps the plug comfortable to wear once it’s inserted. If you choose, you can heat or warm borosilicate glass to add sensation play to your anal experience--we only recommend doing so with warm or cool water (versus putting the plug into the microwave or freezer). You can add more chill with ice cubes in the water, if you like it extra-cool, but extreme heating/cooling is not recommended. And while borosilicate glass is extremely durable, the crystal Swarovski element at the end is more fragile, so take care.

Clean with mild soap and water. Handcrafted in USA (each is unique, so sizing is approximate).

Short Stem Small: (3.3” long x 1.3” diameter. 2.8” insertable)
Short Stem Medium: (3.7” long x 1.5” diameter. 2.8” insertable)
Short Stem Large: (4.1” long x 1.8” diameter. 3.1” insertable)