Ecstasy Is Necessary: A Practical Guide
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Ecstasy Is Necessary: A Practical Guide

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If you want sex to be full of deep connection, joy, and passion, Barbara Carellas' Ecstasy is Necessary is a must-have book. Instead of focusing on sex tips and tricks, this guide explores the ingredients of ecstasy and authentic sexuality to help you find new ways to overcome your challenges and let your inner sexual self out. It's full of practical tips for how to explore and share your desires, setting boundaries, integrating safer sex into ecstatic sexual practices, and moving past your fears so you can enhance your self-esteem, courage, and pleasure. Barbara also discusses fantasies, working with aging and changing bodies, how to talk about this with a partner, and more. Full of simple, clear language and helpful information, Ecstasy is Necessary picks up where other sex and tantra guides leave off. Pick up a copy and discover how to bring more ecstasy into your life!

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