Flip Zero EV Black Electronic Vibration Masturbator

Flip Zero EV Black Electronic Vibration Masturbator

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Black is anything but basic when Tenga makes its innovative vibrating masturbation sleeve even better! Made of firmer material than the original white version, so it offers stronger sensations and a tighter squeeze for maximum penis pleasure. Two vibrating motors housed inside the elastomer sleeve create dual internal cores that offers a dynamic, direct rumbling sensation; pressure pads on the front and back of Flip Zero allow the user to manually control pressure or squeeze out the internal air to create vacuum suction. Five modes (low, high, pulse, alternating, and random) add to the sensory options. With a single button control located on the top of the sleeve, it's easy to use; just press and hold the button to turn on/off, then press again to cycle through all the modes. This model’s new internal design features a variety of nubs, channels, and orbs for the vibration to flow through as you stroke.

Waterproof up to 19.5” depth; wash with mild soap and water. (Please note that the USB charging base is not waterproof, however.) Tenga’s signature lubricant is included to get you started, but we recommend using any of your favorite water-based lubricants. Open the sleeve fully and lubricate; once closed, you can also drop lubrication into the insertion point to keep it smooth while you enjoy Flip Zero EV Black. The flip-open design also allows for easy drying, with an option to simultaneously charge it up while it’s drying! Store hygienically with the included case. 90 minute charge time yields 40 minutes of use (on high setting).

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