Genital Candle Vulva
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Genital Candle Vulva

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Our very popular low-temp candle wax is now available in a new form! Brightly colored unscented paraffin candles, complete with vulva, buttcheeks, and even a puckered butthole!

These wax play candles are fun to use, easy to hold, and just the right temperature for hours of fun. A wonderful gift for the hot wax play candle lover in your life. 

These candles are about 3 inches tall with 3-inch-wide hips. All candles are made of 100% pure paraffin. Pouring temperature is 124°F. Adjusting distance from body will adjust pouring temp slightly. 

PLEASE NOTE: This item comes assorted. If you would like to choose a color please call the location you are going to be picking up from to specify which color you'd prefer. Please have your order number as reference when you call.