Magic Wand Plus
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Magic Wand Plus

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The iconic wand vibrator just got better! Newly-designed, the plug-in version of the classic Magic Wand now comes with a removable cord for storing, an easy-to-clean silicone head, strong flexible neck, and a new expanded range of power. Affordable, high-quality and strong, and to top it off, this version can be used with international adapters--meaning we can offer it to our international customers and all you frisky travelers!

Magic Wand Plus has four intensity levels (for data lovers: level one = 2700 vibrations per minute, level two = 3800 vibrations per minute, level three = 5400 vibrations per minute, level four = 6300 vibrations per minute. Zoooom, baby!). Three buttons are located on the redesigned central panel: an on/off button, a + button for increasing intensity level and a – button for reducing intensity.

The included cord is 6’ long and must be plugged into the Magic Wand Plus during use; this version doesn't feature a rechargeable power option. To remove the cord, press the raised/textured button located behind the cord and pull the cord straight out of its socket at the base of the vibe. We recommend the cord be removed from the vibrator before storing and traveling. Please note that the Plus is not waterproof – if you wish to add lube, because of the silicone head we recommend using water-based lubricants. External use only.

NoteThe included power cord for the Magic Wand® Plus is compatible with 100-240V, 50/60Hz circuitry. It comes with the North American two-prong style plug, and with the use of an adapter for a different region the unit should operate correctly in other regions.