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Mimic Plus

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Sensuously curvy like a manta ray--or a vulva—Mimic Plus is designed for deeper, more “rumbly” vibrations. 10% larger than before and with a more bulbous shape and a little more heft, the rechargeable motor is now stronger, offering more intensity than the original version's did. This external vibrator is still a perfect shape to lie over the mons area, stimulating clitoris as well as labia, whether you're using it solo or taking advantage of its low profile to fit it between bodies during partner play. The shape also offers nice options for stimulating the testicles and more--it has pleasure potential for every body! Designed to fit the contours of your hand, with eight easy-to-adjust intensity levels: one steady vibration plus seven patterns. Experiment with the varied sensations offered by the flat parts of the vibe vs. the edges and pinpoints to find the levels and angles you prefer.

Mimic turns on with a press of the center button and powers on at mid-range intensity. To increase, press the + button, and to decrease the power, press - . Use the travel lock when you don't want it to turn on unexpectedly: While powered off, press and hold down the + and – buttons for 5 seconds. A flashing light will indicate the item is locked. Repeat to unlock. Updated buttons offering a quieter, more seamless feel during play, and the LED light in the base is 50% dimmer than the original Mimic vibe's. Now with magnetic charging, ensuring a more waterproof toy. A full two-hour charge powers Mimic for two hours – the manufacturer suggests you do a full charge before the first use. Please use with water-based lubricant only. Waterproof; easy to clean with mild soap and water.

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