Neon Wand Power Tripper Attachment

Neon Wand Power Tripper Attachment

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If you're a fan of the tingle and zap of the Neon Wand, try this ingenious attachment that lets you share indirect sensation from skin-to-skin contact, rather than being stimulated by the Neon Wand's electrodes. Power Tripper offers a unique and intimate way to experience electrostimulation. Plug one end into the wand and place the conductive metal plate against your bare skin – this allows you to conduct the electricity yourself, creating erotic electric sensations with your touch. Great for adding new sensations to kissing, oral sex, licking or just sensual touch. Alter the intensity of the sensation by increasing Neon Wand’s power setting and range from a gentle tickle to a more intense bite.

The Power Tripper lets you use lower power settings on the Neon Wand to produce sensations equal to those provided by other electro-stim toys at higher levels offering a wider range of sensation.

This item is only to be used with the Neon Wand, as it was developed specifically for use with that e-stim toy. As with all electrostim items, please pay careful attention to the included instructions so you can use safely and as intended.

Black/metal conductive materials, metal plate, Enclosed NiMH battery. Contact plate 2” x 3.25”; cord length 44.75”.