Nippies MIdnight Rainbow Heart Pasties

Nippies MIdnight Rainbow Heart Pasties

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Visit the dark side of the rainbow with nippies® Midnight Rainbow Hearts! Wear black polka-dot sequins under a sheer top or the rainbow foil to give your outfit a sexy twist. Light/dark contrast, curves, zigzags and colors – perfect for a night full of surprises!

Discover the most comfortable and longest lasting brand of pasties out there. Made in the USA!

Contains (1) pair zigzag rainbow foil & (1) pair black polka-dot sequin. Also comes with two "patch test" minis to play with and four protective nipple pads (optional).

• The only nipple covers made from real lingerie fabrics
• STRETCHY and form-fitting for wrinkle-free coverage and painless removal
• Split backing for easy self-application
• Leaves no residue behind. Comes off clean!
• Waterproof and sweat-resistant, hypoallergenic adhesive
• Wear 6-8 hours max

• The B heart measures 2.75"×2.5"
• The C heart measures 3.5"×3"


  1. Clean and dry skin.
  2. Carefully peel off bottom half of the liner.
  3. Place enclosed protective nipple pad on the Nippie center.
  4. Stick the bottom half of the Nippie on the lower part of your breast.
  5. Peel off the top half of the liner.
  6. Pull up and over the top of your nipple, gently pulling up for a little lift. Be careful not to stretch out the shape.
  7. Press on.