Rosebud Classic Anal Plugs

Rosebud Classic Anal Plugs

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Go all out with these shiny, sleek and beautifully crafted Rosebud stainless steel plugs. Enhanced with authentic sparkling Swarovski crystals, these stylish toys will add a dash of class to your anal explorations. The slim neck and flared base—where the crystal sits--make this toy anal-safe; it’s simple and versatile shape is designed for ease of entry, while the slender stem keeps the plug secure once it’s inserted. Due to their weight, the Rosebud stainless steel plugs are great for strengthening the PC muscles and for prostate stimulation. Add a drop or three of your favorite lubricant to help their glide. Easy-to-clean, non-porous metal provides little friction, making it a great premium-quality toy for experienced anal enthusiasts. Like all things precious, the Rosebud plugs should not be subjected to repeated impact. To maintain its overall appearance, we recommend cleaning your plug with mild soap, water and a soft cloth.

2.95” x 1.18” - 6.21 oz (.38 lbs)
Insertion size: 2.40” x 1.18”