Safe Word
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Safe Word

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The page-turning sequel to Carrie's Story reunites brilliant young submissive Carrie and her first S/M master, Jonathan, who had auctioned her to a demanding new master a year before. Flashing back over those months of intense erotic and sadomasochistic adventures, including rigorous training to join the dressage competitions of human ponies, Carrie and Jonathan catch up, explore their feelings for one another, and take steps to determine their uncertain future. Read Carrie's Story first, then catch up with Safe Word: Kinky, creative sex laced with intellect and wit, told in a smart, sure voice -- you will care about these characters and everything that transpires in their exotic euro-kink adventures!

Safe Word
Molly Weatherfield
200 pages
5 1/2" x 8" (14cm x 20.3cm)