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Sex Question Cards

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These sex-positive sex questions cards, written by sex educator Tracy Bartlett, can be enjoyed all kinds of ways, from using them with your lover to explore ideas and get to know each other better, to sparking joyful laughs and thoughtful discussions in a group of friends. Pass the deck around: pick a card, answer and pass to the next person; or choose a facilitator to be the maestro of the discussion sparked by the card you draw; or make your own rules! Be free, and use these questions as icebreakers, getting to know yous, party questions, or whatever strikes your fancy. They'd even be great writers' prompts for blogposts!

Pull absolutely any card in this engaging deck of sex questions and you can have a revealing, free-wheeling discussion that will make you think, talk more comfortably about sexy and sexual issues, and (depending on your conversation partner) make you feel more intimate, connected, and seen. Featuring 54 cards that ask questions such as:

What is a sex toy you have not yet tried, but would like to take for a spin?
What kinds of pornography/erotica do you enjoy?
Demonstrate the sounds you make when you come.
What are some of your favorite sexual euphemisms?

We love these cards – no judgmental words, no assumptions, and anybody can play! All cards are completely gender neutral. No body parts are referenced... so any body will feel these are relevant, and you can call out body parts, or not, as you prefer. Use them as a tool to spark up a get-together, get closer to your boo, feel more comfortable talking about sex--or any other way they work for you.