Steele Balls Ben Wa Kegel Exercisers

Steele Balls Ben Wa Kegel Exercisers

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Characters in kinky erotic stories have found they took them to the heights of pleasure -- will they do the same for you? Yes, here are the notorious vaginal balls, in 100% stainless steel, that are great for kinky play and for working your Kegel muscles. These orbs are approximately 1" in diameter, smaller than some brands of Kegel balls -- they may encourage a greater degree of vaginal awareness and, for 50 Shades fans, are sure to cause intense flashbacks of pleasure! Please note: Not for anal use.

When exercising your PC (aka Kegel) muscles with a resistive device, or via any other method, remember that the correct way to exercise a muscle is not to simply tighten it. You must also relax that muscle—not only for maximum flexibility and functionality, but also to avoid injury. Our pelvic floor consultant suggests a maximum of 30 reps a day, remembering to fully relax each time.

Steele Balls Ben Wa Kegel Exercisers
Stainless Steel
Two kegel balls
Each ball is approximately 1" diameter (2.5cm)
Small, soft storage pouch included

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