Tenga Flip Orb Blue Rush Masturbation Sleeve

Tenga Flip Orb Blue Rush Masturbation Sleeve

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From the company you’ve come to expect great things from, Tenga continues to make waves with their Flip Orb Strong masturbation sleeve. The Blue Rush offers mind-blowing stimulation from the inner ridges and alternating flexible orbs, strategically placed throughout the super soft elastomer canal. The internal nubs inside the Blue Rush are a tad more pronounced than the Orange Crush. As you insert into the sleeve, the sturdier nubs will offer slightly more resistance as you move back and forth. Squeeze the external pads for increased internal pressure. Releasing the pads will create a vacuum that feels too good to be true.

Fans of sleeves know that applying lubricant really kicks the sensation up a level—either drip lube directly into the opening, or open the Flip Orb completely and drizzle your favorite brand along the inner contours. With the Flip Orb’s seamless insertion point, expect an improved seal that minimizes lube leakage during use. The easy-open/close design allows for superior cleaning and maintenance. Wash with mild soap and water; allow to dry completely before storing. The additional cap can be used to lock the toy shut during use or as a drying rack. Return the cap to the insertion point before storage.

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